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White Magic: Vibrational Art for the Child Within

At 184 pages with more than 100 original pen & ink drawings by artists Ritchie Sinclair & Broňa Wingell,  "White Magic: Vibrational Art for the Child Within" is the first adult coloring book uniquely designed to be colored in with fine-tip felt markers. But it's more than a coloring book. White Magic is also an inspirational guidebook that introduces Vibrational Art as an intuitive, organic artform derived from ancient shamanism that is as pertinent and beneficial today as it was long ago. We are all born artists. When we create; we meditate, medicate and free ourselves from our concerns in play

With just a few months to go to the publication of "White Magic" we want to offer those of you who like what we are doing the chance to get involved with making this book the success we feel it can be by pre-ordering your book now. Pre-orders show publishers and booksellers alike that there's real demand, which sets a positive cycle in motion. In return, with each book pre-ordered we will include a signed 8" x 10" print of any drawing that appears in the book. When you pre-order you will be sent to a link where you can view the entire book to find the image of your choice which will be sent to you along with your new book.
Gratefully in art as in love,
Ritchie & Broňa
Book details: 184 black & white pages including 90 full page illustrations; 8.5" x 11", 21.6cm x 28cm inches.

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