Book Reviews of White Magic

Book Reviews;
White Magic: Vibrational Art for the Child Within

"When I heard about a coloring book for adults I immediately thought of my mother in law who is now in the final stages of Alzheimer's.This book is absolutely stunning! It's more then just a coloring book, with endless pages of mystical images, poetry, I would put it on my coffee table!"
Sonia P.
"Since childhood colouring has always been very therapeutic for me. And art has always had a place in my heart. Well.. Thanks to the incredibly talented Brona Wingell and Ritchie Sinclair, I can now release some negative stress while colouring their amazing artwork!!"
Amberly D.
"These books fuse Spirit, Art, Love and more Love in new and wondrous ways. A perfect gift for anyone looking to open up artistically...and of course, a lovely gift for any art-inclined kids. I'm hopeless at painting but hey, whats not to love about a book that encourages u to colour outside the lines."
Ian F.