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The Vibrational Art & Artistry of Ritchie Sinclair & Broňa Wingell
"The ability to create intuitively is as natural to humankind as is breathing, and almost as important to personal well-being. We are all born artists. These books helps us reconnect with the inspired and creative child within."

The Nature of Spirit: A Vibrational Art Coloring Book - & - White Magic: Vibrational Art for the Child Within

Two original art coloring books of fascinating imagery and insightful commentary available soon at a bookstore near you!

Read excerpts from the new books!

Artists Ritchie Sinclair & Broňa Wingell share their vibrational pen & ink drawings in formats uniquely designed to be magically colored in by readers of all ages.

Beyond exploring a meta-philosophy of their art, the two share personal notes that detail poignant moments in their experience of creating love and art together. These inspirational guidebooks introduce Vibrational Art as an intuitive, organic artform derived from ancient shamanism, yet pertinent and beneficial today.

Vibrational Art Color-in Posters