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2015 Exhibition Reviews

Sylvain Charbit, Le Metropolitain, March 11 2015

The world Ritchie Sinclair and Brona Wingell is not unattractive: bright colors, spiritual warmth and welcome part of their invitation to art, to dream. The thirty people present at the opening of their exhibition The Nature of Spirit at the French Alliance on March 4, was amazed. The shapes and colors of the nature of representative paintings, people and landscapes, seemingly straight out of a spiritual trance, were as intriguing qu'apaisantes.

"The theme of this exhibition is love, love of neighbor, love of the Great Spirit," says Sinclair says Stardreamer. The fact that the work is carried out with the help of our beloved Ms. Wingell, a native of Bratislava, Slovakia, is not foreign. Fascinated by the artistic events of the First Nations, he became a disciple of the late Norval Morrisseau true emblem of Aboriginal art dubbed the "Picasso of the North".

Ritchie Sinclair is the image of his paintings: quiet and bubbly. The artist proves to be very accessible to all interested and you almost have to strain to come to understand his words, such as communicating with its external environment with its internal forces.

The works contain secret that one can see in the dark with the help of ultraviolet. Indeed, some of them become completely after dark night, leaving only a cloud of glittering dots, representing the stars. This adds a supernatural dimension to research by the designer duo.

Founder of the Thunderbird School specializes in teaching shamanic arts, "Stardreamer" exhibits his work permanently at Cafe La Boheme located at 2481 Yonge Street. Used to being surrounded by French, he gives his impressions of the evening: "I am satisfied. It is a beautiful gallery and I was treated well. "

If he had one wish, it would be to communicate this love of the other through his art, to encourage spiritual exploration. "I think we are all children of the Creator and that we must inspire each other," says Ritchie Sinclair.

The exhibition The Nature of Spirit runs until March 28 at the French Alliance, located at 24 Spadina Road. For an overview of the works presented:

Manon Bodel, L'express, March 10 2015

From the union of two artists madly in love with each other, sometimes can arise paintings of incredible beauty .

At the Toronto French Alliance , Canadian Ritchie Sinclair and Slovak Brona Wingell , couple in life as in their art , unveil the Francophone public their most beautiful paintings in an exhibition entitled The Nature of Spirit .

Their poetic works resulting from their mutual influences, each evoke beauty, love of nature and spirituality , through the use of symbols and bright colors that ultraviolet light revealed after dark.

Until March 28 , they will be presented to Toronto in Pierre Léon gallery.